Advice from Dr. Nekessa Remy

Supplementation Info

Calcium is important for bone health, normal enzyme activity and muscle contraction. The daily recommended intake of calcium is 1000 mg/day for four- to nine -year-olds and 1300 mg/day for ten- to 18-year-olds. Calcium is contained in a variety of foods and beverages, including milk, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, spinach and fortified grain products.

Vitamin D is necessary for bone health and is involved in the absorption and regulation of calcium. Current recommendations suggest 600 IU/day for four- to 18-year-olds.Sources of vitamin D include fortified foods, such as milk, and sun exposure. Dairy products other than milk, such as yogurt, do not contain vitamin D.

Iron is important for oxygen delivery to body tissues. During adolescence, more iron is required to support growth as well as increases in blood volume and lean muscle mass.Boys and girls nine to 13 years of age should ingest 8 mg/day to avoid depletion of iron stores and iron-deficiency anemia. Adolescents 14 to 18 years of age require more iron, up to 11 mg/day for males and 15 mg/day for females.Iron depletion is common in athletes because of diets poor in meat, fish and poultry, or increased iron losses in urine, feces, sweat or menstrual blood. Therefore, athletes, particularly female athletes, vegetarians and distance runners should be screened periodically for iron status.Iron-rich foods include eggs, leafy green vegetables, fortified whole grains and lean meat.

Pre Game Meals

1.Baked potato with Greek yogurt

2. Low-fat cottage cheese on whole-wheat toast

3. Lentil soup

4. Quinoa

5. Mozzarella string cheese with an apple


Post Game:

1. wheat crackers & cheese

2 Apples & peanut butter, granola bar, or trail mix (dried fruit, breakfast cereal and nuts).

3. whole wheat pasta with meat sauce

4. lean meat sandwich or “wrap” style sandwich

Nutritional Plan



8 oz         Apple juice
1-2 cups   Hot or cold breakfast
1-cup        Skim milk
1              Banana
2              Slices of Whole wheat multigrain bread/toast
2 Tbsp      Jam/jelly/honey
1              500 ml water



2-3 cups    Cooked rice, pasta, potatoes, 2 slices or 8” roll
2-3 oz       Chicken, turkey, fish, or lean meat
1 large       Garden salad or 1-2 cups cooked veggies
2 Tbsp       Italian dressing (or oil/vinegar type)
1-cup         Low fat milk, applesauce or fruit
1 cup         Mixed fruit
1               500 ml water



1               500 ml of water
1               Bagel or 2 slices bread/toast or 1 cup Munch
1               Granola bar or small sandwich
1               Honey/jam/jelly (for toast or bagel)



4-5 oz        Baked chicken breast, grilled fish or lean meat
1 large       Baked potato or 2 cups of cooked pasta or rice
1-cup         Steamed vegetables
1               Apple, orange, banana or mixed fruit cup
1 cup         Milk
1               500 ml water
1               500ml Gatorade