Coach Reid

Coach Paul Reid began playing soccer in his native country of Jamaica at age five. Since immigrating to Canada in his early twenties, he has established himself as a skilled professional in a sport he feels passionate. Reid’s career as a REP coach spans more than two decades. His extensive knowledge and coaching experience played a key role during his time at the Brampton East Soccer Club, and Brams United Girls Soccer Club. Between 2008 and 2013, he was the head coach for the Brams United 99 Rebels. In 2009, he received the City of Brampton’s 2009 Citizens Award for Long Term Service 10 years of coaching and received City of Brampton’s 2013 Citizens Award for the Rebels winning indoor Ontario Cup champion in soccer. Currently, Reid is an elite coach in the 2005 and older age group with the Toronto Blizzard Soccer Club.

As a Toronto Blizzard coach, Reid’s mission is to help players evolve through the foundation of good team possession and ball movement strategies. He would also like to see more players qualify for athletic scholarships. His long term goal with the Toronto Blizzard 8 year program is to help players reach their full potential and achieve success in the highest Canadian or U.S.A. divisions achievable. Coach Reid believes that when athletes focus, work hard, and show dedication, their performance goals become attainable. He also believes that the Toronto Blizzard Soccer Club offers the right programs to equip players with the tools they need to excel.

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Earnest Ellis

Coach Ernest started playing soccer at an early age of 12. He got more involved in the coaching side of soccer eighteen years ago with the Brampton United Girls Soccer Club from 2006 to 2014. He was the head coach for the Brams United 95 Rebels, during the summer of 2014. He coached U 21 Girls Provincial Erin Mills Soccer Team and both the 2006 age group and Leage 1 teams for the Bram United LTPD program. Coach Ernest is presently an elite coach at the Toronto blizzard Soccer Club within the League 1 teams, and is committed to opening the door for more talented young athletes to gain soccer scholarships.

Coach Ernest is an aircraft maintenance engineer who presently works at Bombardier as a lead hand in the aerospace sector of aircraft manufacturer. He has been married for over 26 years and has 2 daughters. In 2008, he and the 95 Rebels received a city of Brampton award;  winning the outdoor Ontario Cup Championship.  His goal for coaching a team is to help players express their full potential on and off the field. Coach Ernest is convicted with the idea that that players are future leaders and must be equipped with the tools to function in their capacity. WE WANT OUR PLAYERS TO DREAM BIG, regardless of their level of play. They deserved our very best attention and effort to help them realize their goals.Coach Ernest has designed a unique program which will provide the necessary skills each player needs to become successful. This program has worked extremely well in the past and has given him the privilege of coaching five national players who are now presently playing for Canada and Jamaica and nine players that receive scholarship to USA universities including his daughter Jalana who received a full scholarship to Jackson State University. The main objective of the development programs is team possession and a ball movement brand of soccer.

Giuseppe (Joe) Parolini

Giuseppe (Joe) Parolini was a Head Coach for the Woodbridge Soccer Club and coaches the League 1 Women’s team. He has his Canadian Soccer Association C-licence and levels 1, 2 and 3 in Coaching.

Joe has obtained an M.A. in Sports Psychology, and a B. Sc. Degree (Science, Physical Education and Psychology)

He has extensive experience in soccer from the grass roots up the pyramid to the World Cup Team and was inducted into the Soccer Hall of Fame. He was part of the coaching staff for both the men’s and women’s National Teams in his many years of soccer involvement. Joe is now focused in the capacity of Coaching and training youth development initiatives and has implemented a development program for female players.

Joe has set up a scholarship program and has been successful in placing most of his players to D1 schools. In 2015, he was able to secure a full ride for 18 of his 19 players and has just recently placed one of his players on the World Cup team for Canada.

Joe is passionate about helping his players reach their full potential and giving them the tools to succeed in soccer and in life.

Coaching Accomplishments
•Co-Coach of League 1 All Star Game (2016)
•Coach of the ’99 Woodbridge Strikers
•WSC League 1 Women’s Head Coach (2015-present)
•Head Coach of 1998 OYSL girls team – in charge of tactics, fitness, nutrition and conditioning (2012-present)
•Team Manager of 2011 Canadian Women’s World Cup Team
•Travelled extensively as a staff member with the Canadian National Teams (2009-2011)
•Inducted into the Soccer Hall of Fame as a trainer for the 1986 Mens World Cup team (2009)
•Organized and operated first ever girls only soccer camps with Canadian National Team Coach (2008)
•KNSC Head Coach (2001-2005)
•Glen Shields Soccer Club Head Coach (1998-2002)
•General Manager for the Toronto Blizzards (1987-1993)
•York University Assistant Coach (1979-82)


Karamvir Gill is a coach and business owner. He believes in a bright future for youth athletes, and in his ability to guide youth athletes while experiencing the thrill of accomplishing their goals, on and off the field.

His passion for providing youth athletes a holistic approach including mindset, movement, recovery and nutrition, drive Karamvir to read, learn and study from the leaders in Sport Performance. Karamvir strives to help athletes discover their potential to:

• Make the team/starting line-up and get more playing time

• Play at the highest level, avoiding injury

• Gain the respect of coaches, teammates and competitors

Karamvir has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University, and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).