Coach Reid

Coach Paul Reid began playing soccer in his native country of Jamaica at age five. Since immigrating to Canada in his early twenties, he has established himself as a skilled professional in a sport he feels passionate. Reid’s career as a REP coach spans more than two decades. His extensive knowledge and coaching experience played a key role during his time at the Brampton East Soccer Club, and Brams United Girls Soccer Club. Between 2008 and 2013, he was the head coach for the Brams United 99 Rebels. In 2009, he received the City of Brampton’s 2009 Citizens Award for Long Term Service 10 years of coaching and received City of Brampton’s 2013 Citizens Award for the Rebels winning indoor Ontario Cup champion in soccer. Currently, Reid is an elite coach in the 2005 and older age group with the Toronto Blizzard Soccer Club.


Coach Paul Reid has been married to his wife Glenda for over thirty years. Together, they have raised two daughters and a son. Coach Reid has as much passion for the creative arts as he does for sports. In addition to being a successful soccer coach, he has demonstrated his outstanding diversity as a professional wedding photographer for a successful span of 30 plus years. Reid has been actively involved within his local community, working as a Youth Correctional Counsellor and an Army Lieutenant with the Canadian forces reserves (DND Lorne Scot). He is first aid trained and has successfully completed his coaching certification diploma and youth/adult referee certification. Coach Reid is a Christian and has served as a member and youth leader for over 35 years combine with Shiloh Gospel Hall in Jamaica, Bridle Grove Bible Chapel, Bramalea Bible Chapel, he is presently a Sunday school teacher at Bramalea Baptist Church where he teaches grade 4 & 5. He loves investing his time in young people to be a part of their village in raising them.

Coaching & Scholarship Opportunities

As a Toronto Blizzard coach, Reid’s mission is to help players evolve through the foundation of good team possession and ball movement strategies. He would also like to see more players qualify for athletic scholarships. His long term goal with the Toronto Blizzard 8 year program is to help players reach their full potential and achieve success in the highest Canadian or U.S.A. divisions achievable. Coach Reid believes that when athletes focus, work hard, and show dedication, their performance goals become attainable. He also believes that the Toronto Blizzard Soccer Club offers the right programs to equip players with the tools they need to excel.

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We provide both players and coaches an environment without the known limitations of hit and miss showcases. Players are provided an environment conducive to a natural athletic performance, while Coaches are given the necessary time to properly observe players train and play full sessions.

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